About Us
Boatsafe Queensland Inc.

​The Boat Industry Association
The Boatsafe Queensland Inc. is a non-profit organisation

The Boatsafe Queensland Inc. members abide by our Constitution and Code of Practice and are dedicated to providing a higher standard of Boatsafe training in Queensland.  Copies of the Constitution and Code of Practice are available on request to bqi01@bigpond.com.

Before entering into training and assessment for a Recreational Marine Drivers licence (Boat Licence) or a Personal Water Craft Licence (Jet Ski), make sure the trainer you have chosen is a member of Boatsafe Queensland Inc., for peace of miond and assurance you will receive the very best training.

​After successfully completing a boat licence (RMDL) or jet ski licence (PWC) you will be provided with a Statement of Competency by your Boat Licence (RMDL) or Jet Ski Licence (PWC) Trainer, which should be taken by you to a Queensland Transport Service Centre.  After paying the appropriate current fee for a Boat Licence (RMDL) or a Jet Ski Licence (PWC) you will be issued with a receipt to confirm you are the holder of a Queensland Boat Licence (RMDL) or your Queensland Jet Ski Licence (PWC).  At a later date an indicator card (similar to your Queensland Drivers Licence) will be posted to you indicating you are the holder of a Queensland Boat Licence (RMDL) or a Queensland Jet Ski Licence (PWC).  Your indicator card should be carried with you whilst on the water.  On renewal of your Queensland Drivers Licence your Boat Licence will be indicated by the initials RMDL and your Jet Ski Licence indicated by the initials PWC.

Boatsafe Queensland Inc. is recognised by Transport and Main Roads and Maritime Safety Queensland as the voice of Industry and we run and reporesent our members at Industry meeting, conducted regularly in Brisbane.  Many changes have occured recently to the Queensland Boat Licence (RMDL) and the Queensland Jet Ski Licence (PWC) and our members are kept up to date with all changes to boat licence and jet ski licence changes.  Our members cover almost every port on the Queensland Coast including remote areas.  Our executive committee were chosen by Maritime Safety Queensland to writie a new fifty (50) question multy choice assessment for the Queensland (boat licence) Recreation Marine Drivers Licence.

We have recently updated the fifty (50) question boat licence (RMDL) assessment and have before Transport and Main Roads Department for approval a two (2) part Jet Ski (PWC) assessment.